Online workshop "How to build a sensory garden for dogs"

 Do you want to build a garden for your own dog, for other dogs, start a commercial garden or for a shelter? 

Follow this online workshop given by Birgitta.

The founder of the Snuffeltuinen Initiative in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Former owner of the first Sensory Garden in the Netherlands, in Ohé en Laak with a lot of experience.

Almost 1000 Doglovers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, USA  and many more countries have enjoyed following this online workshop.
In English, German, Dutch and translated in real time also for Mexico, Czech Republic and even China!

I gave this workshop in 2021 and in 2024 for the Spanish training Canidogs, the German dog association High Five, a Taiwanese dog school and also for Edupet from the Netherlands. Learn more about how you can make your dog nose happy :-). 


What are you going to learn: 

During a 1,5 hour workshop I will inform you about the topics below:

  • What is a Sensory garden?
  • For which group of dogs suitable?
  • Advantages of a Sensory garden
  • What does a Sensory garden look like?
  • Different types of Sensory gardens
  • Also ideas about creating a Sensory garden on your balcony, a pop-up garden, sensory walks etc.
  • What kind of materials can you use in the garden
  • How to stimulate the senses of your dog? Smell, taste, visual, and hear 
  • Extra information about herbs 
  • Tips about poison free garden,
  • Enriched environment
  • Extra information for building a Snuffle garden for Private use /shelter/dogschool etc 
  • Budget, fundraising?
  • Sensory garden rules and much more

This 1.5-hour online workshop costs Euro 37 per person*

After participating, you will receive an e-book, a worksbook about "How to make a snuffle garden for my own dog" and a certificate.

How can You join?
Send a mail to [email protected] and I will send you more details.

* For groups and shelters we have special prices. Please send me an email to [email protected] if you want to know more. 

Please check your spambox if you did not receive an email!
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