Sensory Gardens 4 Dogs

 Let your dog sniff and explore!

On this website you will find all kinds of information for free on what a Sensory garden is, how can you build a sensory garden for your dog or shelter, how to build a sensory experience on your balcony or at your house, what is enriched environment, what is a sensory walk and where can you find world wide sensory gardens:-) 

Like their ancestors, all dogs need active sniffing each day for good mental health, for stimulation and calm behaviour.

Let’s talk now about How to keep your dog nose-happy 



This website is intended for everyone who finds it important to discover new fun things with their dog and who want to improve their dog's well-being. 

Sensory gardens, sensory walks, sniffaries, snuffle gardens, enriched environment are great activities you can do with your dog. 
They add a new dimension to the relationship between owner and dog. Instead of commands, suppression, adding pain, punishment, or taking away a reward, we can build the social relationship by letting the dog just be a dog and bringing him back to the primal instincts of your four-legged friend, namely the use of his nose and this completely without guidance from the boss . Just have fun sniffing at their own pace!

We believe that dogs are individual creatures and have feelings and needs that unfortunately are not always recognized. By visiting/creating a Sensory garden or doing a Sensory walk with your dog, you will discover one of the most important needs of your dog, and that is sniffing. Let your dog do this at his own pace. We would like to realize this for every dog ​​and certainly for the dogs that are always on a leash.

The purpose of this website is therefore to offer new activities  that can increase your dog's well-being and thus improve his life.

On the following pages you can discover what these sensory experiences are all about and how you can create this yourself.

Sniffing is important for the well-being of a dog and it brings them great pleasure. 


Smell opens the world to a dog and is an intrinsic need. 


Dogs are supposed to use their nose as much as possible

Deny this and they become stressed; allow it and they feel fulfilled. 

They can take in so much information through their nose and sometimes they need  the time to explore all the nuances of what they smell and it's our duty to allow them to do that.  

Let your dog sniff and explore

What is a Sensory Garden?

A Sensory garden is a safe place in an enclosed area, where the dog can snuffle and explore in freedom by using all his senses, without intervention of the dog owner.

What is enriched environment?

Enriched environments were once devised for Animals in Zoos to give them activities to use their natural instincts and brains. Think of swings, ropes, climbing equipment, but also, for example, putting food in objects for mental and emotional needs in addition to their physical needs. Our dogs need this too! Read more on this website how you can create this for dogs!

Where can you find Sensory Gardens?

On this website we list all the Sensory Gardens (also for shelters) you can find world wide. 

Webinar how to build a Sensory Garden 

Do you want to build a garden for your own dog, for other dogs, start a commercial garden or for a shelter?

You can find this on this webpage more information