The Snuffle Garden Project 

The Snuffle garden project is a community project and it's free.
Its aim is to raise awareness of the importance of senses for dogs, and how we can facilitate this.
The Snuffle garden project is not a business and is not located in just one place.
Rather it is a collection of like-minded people who care about dogs and are willing to provide an outdoor space for dogs to enjoy and to use their nose as nature intended.
It’s a dog welfare project!

In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece and UK you can find Sensory Gardens or we also call them Snuffle gardens.
People, dogowners, dogschools, doglovers offers their garden for free for dogs to visit them.

The original idea is from Carolin Reger, a PDTE colleague from Germany.       
She dedicated the project to Turid Rugaas & Anne Lill Kvam.
Carolin is the creator of Aktion Schnüffelgärten with Carolin's permission, Birgitta used the concept for NL and Belgium.
In the UK there is also a Snuffle garden project managed by PDTE member Laura Dobb.
In Australia is a concept called the-busselton-snuffle-gardens/
If you also want to set up a Snuffle Garden Project in another country  please send an email to [email protected]

In Germany there are also a lot of Snuffle Gardens and it is growing! People can visit for free the garden but the garden owners are asking a free contribution for an animal welfare project / ngo.  

The Snuffle Garden Project (english)

If you live in the UK and you are interested to join with the project please send a mail to [email protected]

Het Snuffeltuinen Initiatief (dutch)

Please visit the dutch website :

Aktion Schnüffelgarten (german)

Please visit the German website http://www.schnüffelgä 
and please visit the website from Dr. Sandra Foltin, you will find here also Sensory gardens to visit


Do you miss a Snuffle Garden Project? Or do you want to start a project in your country? Please contact Carolin Reger

Free templates to download about the 5 senses of dogs which you can use in your Sensory Garden

Simone Bakker of Mudita Hond en Mens (and Snuffeltuin Mudita) and Sam's dog service have created beautiful, valuable and educational templates that can be used in Sensory gardens that are connected with the Snuffle Garden Project. They are available in both Dutch and English (via the SlowDog Movement/sensorygarden4dogs).


All you have to do is have them printed in your own way and then you can transform your sniffing garden into an educational garden for Dogs and Humans!! Click here for the link to Sam's dog service website where you can download them

By placing this information in your sensory garden, you can turn your garden into a professional educational sensory Garden for Humans and Dogs!

    You help to disseminate important knowledge about the needs and requirements of the dog among dog owners.

    It simply makes your garden even more beautiful!! Are you curious what it looks like?
Then check this video